My platform:

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Collaboratively create a balanced budget with a reasonable and realistic tax rate each year that reflects the diverse needs and values of our community

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Support and encourage our community–based businesses, programs, organizations and services, envisioning Morinville as a complete community

INCREASED COLLABORATION: Provide strategic leadership on Council that will create a culture of teamwork and cooperation as well as steadfastly representing Morinville’s interests both locally, and at the regional, provincial and federal levels

SMART GROWTH: Ensure that the town creates policies, undertakes initiatives and supports partnerships that focus on stimulating responsible economic development and facilitating growth that is smart and positive for all of our residents

CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT: Using diverse communications tools to ensure residents have access to open, accurate and timely information and that citizen input is results-driven; as well as identifying and breaking down the barriers to public participation in the democratic process, including direct citizen participation in Council meetings

My immediate priorities are to:

    1.   Create and implement an Economic Development Plan for the town. The previous Council has set the stage for thoughtful Economic Development and we need to continue on this path to both entice new commercial and light industrial development and to partner with and help our existing businesses.
    2.   Perform a complete review of how the Town delivers services and programs, which will allow Council to achieve efficiencies and establish priorities for the level of service that is provided.
    3.   Initiate new communication tools to gather community input and make the work of Council more transparent.
    4.   Re-establish procedural by-laws and processes to provide a new culture on Council – a more collaborative approach to making decisions that will ensure Council functions as a team and moves forward with work both effectively and efficiently.
    5.   Implement the Multi-Use Recreation Facility strategy currently being developed by Council.


Each of these topics, along with other important community issues, are going to be addressed in more detail through posts on my blog during the campaign. I am interested in hearing resident’s thoughts, suggestions and ideas about these and other local issues – so please feel free to comment below or email me at info@lisaholmes.ca anytime! ~Lisa

One Response

  1. Dave Redman

    Hi Lisa;

    Very impressed by your platform. Are your bullets in any order? If not, could you share with me the number one in each section?

    Otherwise I only have one other question.

    Why are you not running for mayor, i would definitely vote for you!