I had the pleasure of working with Lisa when I was the Vice-President for the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, she is dedicated, knowledgeable and incredibly committed to Morinville.  I know that she will be a great mayor and will continue to represent your community with integrity, perspective and enthusiasm.  

Glenn Taylor, Mayor of Hinton (retired), past Vice-President of AUMA

Lisa's understanding that all levels of government must work together to obtain effective results will clearly help her as Mayor of Morinville. I am impressed by her understanding of local issues - particularly how education works in our community. Lisa will be an effective leader and Mayor for Morinville.

Terry Jewell, Chair of Sturgeon School Division

It has been my pleasure to work with Lisa Holmes for the last six years. Lisa never ceased to amaze me with her organizational skills, her ability to think on her feet, her creativity and her people skills in stressful situations. She held our Board together in very trying times and whether I had a small business, a large corporation or a vibrant Alberta town I would want her on my team. Morinville could not do better than Lisa Holmes!   Greg Jeffery Vice President Alberta Teachers' Association

Greg Jeffery – Vice President, Alberta Teachers Association

As new Resident of Morinville, we are so proud that we have a great  and energetic Leader like you,  you are  such amazing and a good example as a mother, teacher, leader to others.

William Pampuan

I currently sit as chair of the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission, and have been very pleased to have Lisa Holmes on the Board of Directors for the last Two years.  I have observed Lisa inter-act with not only the other Board members, but with the management and staff of the Commission in a way that creates trust and encourages moving forward in a positive manner.  She came on the board part way through an electoral term and without the benefit of a formal orientation process was able to completely understand and contribute to the efficient and well operated Wastewater treatment plant we are responsible for.  As well, Lisa through her own initiatives and research has brought forward ideas and concepts that have been adopted by the Board and will help to ensure the success of this organization.  Ms. Holmes is also part of a sub- committee that met with several elected officials from the Provincial and Federal Government and was not only an asset in these meetings, but in fact was able to lead the dialogue and create an understanding and awareness of our goals and objectives.  I have quickly come to realize that Lisa's ability to comprehend and analyze problematic or sensitive situations exceeds that of most people, and I personally feel that she will always excel at whatever she undertakes.  I feel privileged to be part of a team that Lisa contributes so much to.  She is a tireless worker and continually challenges others to be at their best.

Tom Hutchison – Councillor, City of Fort Saskatchewan and Chair, Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa over the last few years and have a vast appreciation for her knowledge, passion and dedication. It is clear to me that Lisa is not only working to serve her constituents, but to serve them efficiently and effectively. If Morinville is looking for a Mayor who embodies service to community, Ms. Holmes is the person to do that job!"

Joanna McCallum, Councillor – Town of Canmore

Lisa Holmes is a dynamic young leader. I have witnessed Lisa’s hard work and leadership first hand at the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission and the Alberta Capital Region Transit Committee. What a privilege to work with such a talented person! Lisa is a highly motivated team builder with exceptional interpersonal and communications skills, a clear thinker who can make sound judgments and decisions, and is highly respected by her colleagues. Lisa leads by example. Most important, Lisa sees the big picture and plans for the long term which is essential for the economic development of Morinville and the Alberta Capital Region. Lisa understands the need to work in partnership with other municipalities, the Provincial and Federal Governments, the private sector and NGOs. Morinville’s future is in good hands with Lisa. I strongly endorse Lisa Holmes for Mayor of Morinville.

Len Bracko – Councillor, City of St. Albert

Lisa is recognized by Provincial Politicians as a leader in moving municipalities forward. Lisa represents the best of Alberta - hardworking, bright, with a great future ahead of her.

North Darling, Deputy Mayor – Peace River and Vice-President (Towns), AUMA

Lisa Holmes is a dedicated wife, mother and community member. She has the enthusiasm and fresh perspective needed to continue efforts to revitalize the Town of Morinville. Her track record as a Council Member gives me confidence that she is the best choice for Mayor.

Melissa St. Denis

Lisa has separated herself from her counterparts through her unwavering commitment and service to her community. Lisa has a genuine vested interest in our community. Simply put - Lisa lives and breathes the Town of Morinville. For the first time in a long time, our town has a vision.

Maurice St. Denis

Over the last few years as Town Councillor and now Deputy Mayor, Lisa Holmes has grown into a strong and tenacious representative for the Town of Morinville. As Mayor, I believe that Lisa would continue to make us proud and do her best for the people of Morinville.

Eva Scrimshaw

I support Lisa Holmes... because in a community growing as fast as Morinville, we need a mayor with a real connection to the people as well as to the province. Lisa is involved with many important organizations that I am confident that her relationships will prove a valuable asset to community development.

Stacey Buga

I have always found Lisa very engaging and very curious about youth within the town. She has always been keen on supporting the already existing youth programs in the town and encouraging us to create more.

Travis Loseth

As someone who works with a volunteer organization that encourages the community to support local producers and sustainable food initiatives, Lisa has always challenged me to think bigger and better. Her personal passion for the local food scene has been inspiring and her encouragement has made all the difference in my desire to make "grow local, buy local and eat local" a motto for the community. Lisa is wise to the fact that community growth comes from within. She challenges, the people, businesses and organizations within Morinville to strive for bigger, better and bolder goals for themselves and their community. Her passion, energy and encouragement of local initiatives, and her let's do it ourselves attitude is what I believe will make Lisa a great Mayor.

Valerie Loseth

Intelligent, vibrant, and determined. Just what our community needs!! That's why I endorse Lisa Holmes for Mayor.

Toni Newcombe

Dear Fellow Morinvillians I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa Holmes for the past few years, I can tell you that Lisa is an effective and passionate advocate for Morinville. Lisa's experience in council, along with hard work and creative thinking is my biggest reason for supporting her election for Mayor. I hope you will join me in supporting Lisa's Campaign for Mayor of our great town. Proud suporter Jennifer Laurence

Jennifer Laurence

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