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Very proud of my 100% attendance record so far in my Council Term. It hasn’t been easy to get to every meeting but I know how important it is so I make it a priority. Luckily, I have a great family that supports me through all of this. My goal is to keep this up through the end of the term, so I’ll check in later on to let everyone know how I’ve done.

Council attendance solid two thirds of the way through term
15 OCTOBER 2012

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – Two years after they were elected to office, Morinville Council members have had pretty solid attendance at Council’s regular and special meetings. Councillor Lisa Holmes tops the list with 100 per cent attendance; Councillor Gordon Boddez and Mayor Lloyd Bertschi have the lowest attendance on Council with 85 per cent attendance.

Council has held 41 regular and three special meetings between their first meeting (held Oct. 26, 2010 ) and the most recent (held Oct. 9, 2012).

Councillor Lisa Holmes has 100 per cent attendance at both regular and special Council meetings and is followed by Councillor Paul Krauskopf who has 100 per cent attendance at special meetings and has missed only one of the 41 regular Council meetings thus far. Coincidentally, Holmes and Krauskopf took first and second place respectively in a recent Morinville News awards poll of most effective Council member.

Councillor David Pattison has a 95 per cent attendance record with 39 of 41 meetings attended, but his special meeting turnout has been one for three. Pattison is followed by Councillor Nicole Boutestein who has also attended one of the three special meetings and 36 of the 41 special meetings for a regular meeting attendance record of 87.8 per cent.

Mayor Lloyd Bertschi has attended all three special meetings held over the past two years; however, he has missed six of the 41 regular meetings for an attendance record of 85.3 per cent. He is joined by Councillor Gordon Boddez who has also attended all three special meetings but missed six of the 41 regular meetings of Morinville Town Council.

Councillor Ben Van de Walle, who resigned from Council in mid-July due to health reasons, attended both of the special meetings held during his time on Council and 36 of the 38 regular meetings. Council’s third special (or emergency) meeting was to decide if there would be a by-election to replace him on Council.

Under the Municipal Government Act, a member of Council is disqualified if they are absent “from all regular Council meetings during any period of eight consecutive weeks, starting with the date of the first meeting missed.”

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